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Space Waste: Managing the Debris of the Final Frontier

Learn about the challenges of space debris and how we can manage them for a better future.

Our Mission: Keeping Space Clean

With the increasing prevalence of space exploration, the issue of space waste is also growing. Our objective is to establish an extensive database of knowledge regarding space debris and waste, encompassing valuable perspectives on the legal, technological, and commercial dimensions of these concerns. By fostering a greater understanding of these challenges, we aim to assist society in effectively equipping itself for a sustainable future in space.

Legal and Regulatory Framework

Space debris refers to defunct objects and fragments orbiting Earth that pose a risk to operational spacecraft. Given the increasing amount of space debris, there are various regulations and legal frameworks in place to address this issue.

Technological Innovation

Various technologies are being developed and employed to address the growing issue of space debris. These technologies aim to track, monitor, mitigate, and remove space debris to ensure the long-term sustainability of space activities


The approach to corporate policies regarding space debris may differ based on the organization's nature and level of engagement in space activities. However, it is crucial for all companies to prioritize the cleanliness and sustainability of space as an integral part of their mission statement.

The Space Waste Stat


Pieces of Space Debris

> 1mm


Pieces of Space Debris

> 1 cm


Pieces of Space Debris

> 10 cm


Pieces of Space Debris

tracked by CFSCC


Satellites have launched in to orbit

Statistic Sources


Join the Movement to Clean Up Orbit

Space waste is a critical problem that affects us all. Join us in our mission to create a sustainable space environment for future generations.

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