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Our Mission

With the increasing prevalence of space exploration, the issue of space waste is also growing. Our objective is to establish an extensive database of knowledge regarding space debris and waste, encompassing valuable perspectives on the legal, technological, and commercial dimensions of these concerns. By fostering a greater understanding of these challenges, we aim to assist society in effectively equipping itself for a sustainable future in space.

Our Story

Greetings! My name is Lindsay Yao, and currently, I'm a high school junior enrolled at Fairmont High School in Anaheim. Ever since I had the opportunity to visit a landfill near my house, my fascination with solid waste management has grown immensely. I've actively engaged in learning and assisting at landfills and material recycling facilities, aspiring to contribute to the resolution of this issue in the future.

During the previous year, I attended a seminar centered around space waste, which opened my eyes to its significance. Recognizing the importance of addressing this problem early on, I firmly believe that a combination of government regulations, corporate policies, and innovative technologies is crucial. With this goal in mind, I have created this website to serve as a repository for all the valuable information I have researched. Additionally, it contains records of my email correspondence with corporations and government entities, as I often reach out to them to request information that may not be readily available on their websites.

My intention behind establishing this platform is to raise awareness about the pressing issue of space waste. By compiling and sharing my findings, I hope to contribute to increasing knowledge and understanding among individuals. Together, we can make a positive impact on this matter.

I gather information across three main domains:


1. Government regulation
2. Corporate policies
3. Technology


In addition, I actively reach out to entities lacking online regulations or policies, urging them to furnish me with relevant information or update their websites accordingly. 

Furthermore, I curate a collection of engaging articles, media content, and news that I come across, which I find intriguing to share with visitors to my website. Should you have any suggestions or preferences regarding the content you would like to see, feel free to reach out via email at

Information Collection

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